Most Popular Local Search Terms on Yellow Pages

Here are some insights into the Yellow Pages most popular search terms.

During 2007, over 3.8 billion searches were conducted on yellow pages search portals.

NOTE: This includes search results that Yellow Pages provided to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other popular search engines).

Following are a list of the most popular search terms used for local search according to a study created by the Yellow Pages Association.

1. Restaurants
2. Physicians & Surgeons
3. Hotels
4. Auto Repairing & Service
5. Florists-Retail
6. Auto Dealers-New & Used
7. Dentists
8. Auto Parts & Supplies – New & Used
9. Beauty Salons
10. Hospitals

The demographics of Yellow Pages searchers:

63% female
89%, aged 25-64, 54% college graduates, 42% have lived at the same address for 10+ years

Business is Booming in South America

We have a BIG update about to come out for YellaBot – vsn with the update comes fixes to France, Australia and South Africa as well as adding email scraping functionality back into (a much asked for feature).

If you want to play around with some different GEO locations, get ready to dive into the deep south…. South America, that is!

South America, It’s About Time You Give Us Some Love…

We just added the ability to harvest business leads from all of South America, which has been completely unsupported until now by ALL YP Scrapers.

With the update comes coverage of Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru and The Dominican Republic!

In each country you’ll have the ability to scrape the following data:

  • Business Name
  • Full Address
  • Phone Number
  • Street Address
  • City/Suburb
  • Country
  • Map Coordinates
  • User Rating
  • Website Address
  • Business Description
  • Full Keyword Scraping of 6 Categories or Keywords

Insiders Scoop: I have a couple friends in the Nutraceutical & Health supplement business (David & Gary from and they are making a ton of cash by opening up their business to Brazil.

These guys are doing close to $150-Million per year in nutra product sales (that’s $500,000/day, yeah, I know, unfathomable). They said the Brazilian Market is so good that they literally moved down there for awhile to expand their business.

They say the Brazilian market is booming and I believe them!

Don’t think the only money to be made is in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and South America. You don’t have to speak English to spend money or make money 🙂

There is a lot more money out there and a lot more leads to be scraped, so…

…get ready to have some fun!

Update coming soon…

Don’t have YellaBot yet? Download it for free, right here!

Business Leads – What Are People Really Doing With Their Data?

As a leader in Web Scraping Software business Since 2009, and with thousands of customers using our software, we’ve come to learn a few things about our customers and what they do with our software.

The main reason for our studies have been to better understand our customers’ needs so we can provide better services and solutions to help extend value to our users.

In the last few months, we’ve been asking our users what they do with our Yellow Pages Scraping software and here’s what we found:

We have two primary versions of our software….

YellaBot PRO & YellaBot GOLD

YellaBot PRO is our main software while YellaBot GOLD is a special version intended for business professionals who want to ramp up their scraping to the next level by automating many of the features PRO users do manually.

Here are the results of our research for each of our software versions:

YellaBot PRO

As you can see, our customers have five primary uses for Yellow Pages and Business Directory data.

  • Build Sites & Online Business Directories – 29% of users
  • Collecting Business Phone Numbers for Cold Calling22% of users
  • Collecting Email Addresses for Email Marketing – 19% of users
  • Collecting Mailing Addresses for Direct Mail Campaigns – 17% of users
  • Offering Professional Scraping Services for Businesses – 11% of users
  • *Other – 1% of users

*Other = URL Scraping, Any purpose not listed above

YellaBot GOLD

Next, we researched our GOLD users to find what they’re up to.

  • Build Sites & Online Business Directories – 40% of users
  • Collecting Business Phone Numbers for Cold Calling33% of users
  • Collecting Email Addresses for Email Marketing – 9% of users
  • Collecting Mailing Addresses for Direct Mail Campaigns – 7% of users
  • Offering Professional Scraping Services for Businesses – 11% of users
  • *Other – 1% of users

What’s interesting is the noticeable differences between what PRO users and GOLD users are doing with their data.

For some reason, more site builders, directory builders and cold callers choose to scale their scraping efforts vs email marketers, direct mail marketers and professional scraping service providers.

For now, I’ll leave it to you to interpret the results of the research.

Sometimes following the trends can clue us in to what’s working better than what we may be doing currently.

Moving Forward – What’s next?

Here at, we will continue to find out more by asking more questions and continuing to interact with our customers. As we discover new information, we will pass it on to you.

Until next time, take care.

YellaBot History: A Little Look Down Memory Lane

YellaBot is a Yellow Pages Scraper Software that was 1st launched in February of 2010. When it was first brought to life, it supported four countries: UK, USA, Canada and Australia. At the time, that was the best there was on the market.

Over the last three-and-a-half years, Yellabot has evolved and grown to become something even better.

As of September 2013, with version, YellaBot now supports 28 countries including Austria, South Africa, France, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia and a whole slew of others.

YellaBot GOLD is the latest development which essentially automates your entire scraping effort.

You can enter any number of niches or keywords along with any number of locations. YellaBot GOLD will create a queue and do numerous searches for you and compile all your research results on auto-pilot while you do other things… like watch HULU or surf *orn (oh yes he did!)

YellaBot was designed to be simple to use. It’s not fancy or frilly.

I’ve made lots of tools in the past that put more time and energy into making it look sexy. And, I actually have a design and art background, so I don’t take design lightly.

That said, I am happy with the user interface. It is super simple to use, even for non-techies. You don’t have to select a bunch of search variables and drop downs, sliders and scales… just enter your keyword, enter your location and search. Everything is very straight forward and, it just works… which is something I always strive to bring in any product I create.

We spend a lot more of our time focusing on keeping up with the sites we support, monitoring for changes in the layouts to these sites and providing updates to our scraper so our users can count on having a product that works.

I saw a post recently…

It was by a competitor on the Warrior Forums who, in the past, created a product similar to YellaBot.

He launched his Yellow Pages Scraper software in September of 2010. They added support for just a handful of countries.

2.5 years later, this was his final post in the forum thread regarding his tool:

Warrior YP Scraper Comparison

My point is, it isn’t easy to keep up. And, we cover 7x as many countries and have been doing it longer than anybody.

While some people give up, we keep on chugging along.

I don’t mean anything against other developers. I understand the sentiment 100%. I just want to point out to our users that we have been around longer than anyone else, support more countries than anyone else and deliver far more value than any other scraper on the market… AND you can count on us to be around long into the future.

You can also count on our scraper just getting better and better all the time.

So, buy with confidence. And, to our many customers who have been with us through the years, THANK YOU! Thanks for being a part of our ride. I really appreciate your business and I genuinely don’t just do updates to keep the doors open for new customers. I actually feel proud that I’m able to deliver on the promise of delivering lifetime value to you.

In fact, I received a note from an early user who bought the earliest version of YellaBot for $7 through a dime sale of the product on opening day. This customer has used YellaBot regularly for 3.5 years and he informed me that YellaBot is solely responsible for driving 100% of his business leads and marketing to this day!

I don’t like to toot my own horn but, lol, I’m just proud to bring big value to my customers, that’s all.

So, I will close for now. I’m off with the family to go to the park. My 4-year old daughter is determined not to fall off her bike this time 🙂

Are the Yellow Pages Protected by Copyright Law?

YellaBot is Legal Bitches!As the creator of YellaBot, this is something I’ve taken quite seriously.

Before beginning to sell the software, I researched this topic extensively.

After quite a bit of searching, I found quite a few legal cases leading up to the final case in 2010 that set the global precedent.

Here is what I found…

Yellow Pages Takes One Company to Court

Here are some blurbs from the case:

Telstra had argued the Yellow Pages and White Pages listings – including its database of names and addresses – were covered under copyright law and could not be legally copied by other parties.

But Justice Michelle Gordon rejected this argument.

“None of the Works were original,” Justice Gordon said in her judgement this week.”

“None of the people said to be authors of the Works exercised ‘independent intellectual effort’ or ‘sufficient effort of a literary nature’ in creating the (directories).”

“Further, if necessary, the creation of the Works did not involve some ‘creative spark’ or the exercise of the requisite ‘skill and judgment’.”

Full story: Telstra loses copyright case over Yellow Pages and White Pages

You can also see the full court decision here: Copyright Law

Setting a Global Precedent on Copyright Protection of Yellow Pages

So, if you’re concerned over legality of scraping content, the truth is, scraping some content is prohibited while other content is allowable. If you scrape someone’s creative work, you’re breaking the law. This includes most printed work.

It just so happens that the Yellow Pages are not covered by copyright protection.

The Yellow Pages may have Terms of Service that prohibit people from using robotic means to browse their site. However, this is something that they must police themselves as it’s not a legal issue.

This is why it is not uncommon to see the the “Forbidden Access” warning pop-up if YP discovers you scraping content rather than a summons to appear in court.

How to Avoid Throwing Up Any Red Flags

YellaBot does have built-in Proxy support. Even if your IP address does get banned or temporarily blocked from, this is not a major issue for YellaBot users. Simply pop in a new proxy, and off to the races you go.

Or, to make things even easier, you can rotate through multiple proxies. The whole process is very fast, easy and simple with YellaBot.

Do you have your own thoughts about this topic? If so, post them in the comments below.